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Tecnofar: an autumn full of innovations

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Never was a truer word spoken than when talking about Tecnofar.

Founded in Delebio in 1973, the company has, over the years, chosen to react swiftly to the economic crises that have occurred, expanding its production, and it is no coincidence that it has chosen 2020 as the year of its renewal.
Over time, the company from Valtellina has become one of the leaders in the production of high quality steel products such as tubes, automatic assembly machines and instruments for the medical and dental sector (needles and cannulas).

But what makes Tecnofar special is not only the exceptional quality of its products, but its remarkable capacity to adapt to the requests of customers who come from completely different sectors, and to be able to respond to their various requests.

It is thanks to the flexibility and efficiency of its production line that Tecnofar has earned a diverse market share that ranges from large industry, to small and medium-sized enterprises and even to handicrafts.

In this year of its renewal, the company from Delebio has started by unveiling a new graphic design: words such as “quality” and “versatility” have inspired the creation of not just one, but four new logos.

As you can see in the image, the main logo has been created with the intention of maintaining a strong link with the history of Tecnofar: the lines of the corporate symbol have been revised in a more modern way, while maintaining the original colour.
The first main innovation is found under the name of the company where the motto “QUALITY FIRST” stands out and reminds us of Tecnofar’s most important value.

The second innovation is the creation of three new logos in three different colours that reflect the three souls of the company: “TUBES”, “NEEDLES” and “AUTOMATION”. The first, Tubes, which represents Tecnofar’s historic production line, is in the same shade of green as the main logo, Needles is in blue to reflect the highest standards of hygiene used and Automation is in red as it represents the heart of Tecnofar’s production.

This new look is not only a question of graphics, but also represents the efforts the company from Valtellina has made to show its production capabilities to customers who increasingly need products to be tailored to their specific needs.

And it is in this field that Tecnofar really comes into its own. However, the process of restyling does not end here so watch this space.