Our history

A business that has been steadily growing since 1973

Tecnofar's evolution,from 1973 to today

Founded in Valtellina, Tecnofar has been making the quality of its products its first priority for over forty years.


Tecnofar S.n.c. is founded on 7 June 1973, taking its name from its essential core: the Italian word for “technology” and verb “to do”. Its first headquarters are in Delebio, at 17 Via Battaglia. It comes into being during a singular time, at the height of the oil crisis. In light of the situation, Tecnofar’s desire is to offer its support to local artisanal businesses that wish to automate their production. This is the starting point for the Dell’Oca-Fransci family and the result of the entrepreneurial flair of two of its members: Enrico Dell’Oca and Carlo Fransci. The company is thus created by two individuals whose livelihoods consist of the design and manufacture of automated assembly machines.


On 9 July 1974, the company expands its shareholder base, marking the entrance of two new partners into the company, Arnaldo Dell’Oca and Bruno Fransci; in addition, it becomes an “S.p.A” (joint stock company). A family-based structure has always characterised Tecnofar's story and continues to do so today.


In 1976, Tecnofar S.p.A. decides to expand its production range, so it purchases, from the Dell’Oca e Fransci S.p.A. company, the department responsible for the manufacture of stainless steel microtubes for hypodermic needles.<br /> Simultaneously, it creates and introduces innovative cutting machines to its production plant, giving an initial impetus to the sector in which it will become a leader in years to come: stainless steel tubes in cut-to-size pieces.


In 1982, the company’s shareholders found Inoxan S.r.l., which will be responsible for the production of cannulae for hypodermic needles, thus providing a natural outlet for the capillary tubes manufactured by its parent company. This new branch of production requires new space and so, to meet this need, the company undertakes to expand the surface area of its industrial complex, which thus grows to a size of 4000 sqm.


In 1984, the company further expands the scope of its manufacturing when it integrates a part of the facilities belonging to the company Dell’Oca and Fransci S.p.A. The greater amount of available space, along with the arrival of Japanese disposable needles, coincides with an expansion in the production range, with the introduction of rolled tubes for drink dispensers.


In 1999, with the aim of expanding its product range, Tecnofar S.p.A. participates, as majority shareholder, in the founding of the company T. Laser S.r.l., based in Gordona (SO). In particular, this new plant will allow the company to manufacture arc-welded tubes of greater diameter.


The beginning of the new millennium marks a fundamental milestone in the company's history, as it considers a more efficient internal management system with the introduction of a computer-based SAP system and a restructuring of the company's organisation. A generational change in company management is just around the corner.


On 1 January 2000, Tecnofar S.p.A. absorbs the company Inoxan S.r.l. and enthusiastically takes on a new manufacturing project: the production of needles for dental anaesthesia. Thanks to a cutting-edge production plant, Tecnofar S.p.A. manufactures a finished product that is ready to make its way to the end users: dental practices.


In 2005, the business absorbs the company T. Laser S.r.l., significantly expanding its production premises, which reach an area of 10,000 sqm in 2008. Once again, as during every crisis in the global market, Tecnofar S.p.A. responds with investments to expand its operations, seeking out new business areas.


In 2016, Tecnofar S.p.A. sees the grand opening of its new headquarters in Gordona, home to company offices and the Tube and Automation Divisions’ manufacturing units.


In 2019, renovations are completed at the historic company headquarters in Delebio, which, with its modern 600-sqm clean room, will house the Dental Needles division.


Tecnofar looks towards its future with a focus on professionalism, quality and flexibility and an emphasis on customer satisfaction, in order to achieve ever greater productive efficiency, guaranteeing high quality standards while always respecting human health and the environment.

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