Tecnofar Automation

Designing, testing and manufacture of highly technological and customisable automated machines for component assembly.

Quality First

Continuous innovation and constant support form the basis of the excellence of Tecnofar’s automation division.

Suppliers and partners

The fact that we choose high-level component suppliers is one of the guarantees offered by Tecnofar Automation.

References and applications

Here is where you could find an automated assembly system made by Tecnofar.

Tecnofar automation: quality first

Our vision focuses on pursuing the best solutions for the automation and streamlining of production plants, as well as for the reduction of energy consumption, so that customers can have a rapid return on their investment.
We develop our projects internally and we guarantee our assistance first and foremost, a crucial element which allows us to demonstrate our commitment to quality first.


References andapplications

The customised automated assembly systems produced by Tecnofar are suited for use in countless industrial sectors. The goal is to make production lines more efficient by intervening during the assembly and packing phases.
The Tecnofar S.p.A. Automation division is specialised in the biomedical sector in Italy, Europe and the world.
Below is a list of the most important sectors for which our Automation Division provides assembly systems:
• Medical
• Dental
• Cosmetics
• Automotive
• Fittings for water taps
• Flow regulators
• Infusion sets
• Soft plastic tube manufacturing
• Furniture accessories
• Personal accessories

Technical Support.

We don’t stop at design, assembly, or at guaranteeing high standards of customisation and performance for our automation systems. Our guarantee continues after purchase as well, through our high-quality customer care service, dedicated to resolving any questions that may arise after system set-up.