TecnofarNews A brand new site for Tecnofar
Nuovo sito di Tecnofar

A brand new site for Tecnofar

As we told you in the previous post, 2020, is a year full of innovations for Tecnofar: we have recently presented the new logos that represent the company and its three production chains.

Now is the moment to reveal the new site that can be found at the following link (www.tecnofar.co.uk): Tecnofar’s web page has not only been revised graphically, but has been created to reflect the main characteristics of the company from Valtellina: the quality and flexibility with which it adapts to its customers’ requests.

From the point of view of the graphics, the site has a contemporary and fluid design that allows users to move easily between the various areas without having to do too many steps: here you will find the pages about the history of Tecnofar, which was founded in Delebio in 1973, and its code of ethics.

The company from Valtellina has, infact, always been committed not only to research and development but also to corporate welfare, the training of personnel and the development of and respect for the surrounding area.

In the section entitled “Quality”, we find out how Tecnofar is working to maintain its motto “Quality First” not only through the different tests to which its products are subjected, but also through security checks in the workplace, and last but not least, in its respect for the environment.

As you can read in its code of ethics: “The Company, Tecnofar, believes in sustainable global growth, [] Investments and business choices are therefore made with respect for the environment and public health in mind. The company takes environmental issues into consideration when making decisions, including adopting (when it is operationally and economically feasible to do so) eco-friendly technologies and production methods, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of its operations.

The secion entitled “Divisions” is devoted to the three-fold productive heart of Tecnofar, represented by three new logos: Tubes, Needles and Automation.

On the “Tubes” page, you can consult the list of the range of tubes that Tecnofar is able to produce, the materials used, the type of controls carried out and how their products have been chosen from companies that come from completely different markets such as the automation, food and jewellery industries.

In “Needles” we turn to the medical part of “Tecnofar”  which produces high-precision needles and cannulae for this sector, among other items, while in “Automation” you will discover how the supply chain of the Valtellina company can meet the demands of each client.

On the site, as well as the blog, is a form to contact the company directly, and one of their customer service representatives will be happy to respond prompty to all your questions and requests.