Environment and safety

Tecnofar S.p.A. is sensitive to the legitimate civil, social and environmental needs of the population as a whole and of its own employees.

Tecnofar’s stance onenvironment and safety

Tecnofar S.p.A. is actively and consistently committed to pursuing the objectives and strategic policies laid out below.

Acting responsibly

To act responsibly, in respect of environmental legislation and laws governing health and safety in the workplace.

Evaluating company processes and operations

To evaluate company processes and operations and, as a consequence, establish and pursue goals for innovation and improvement with regard to the environment and safety, with a view to prevention.

Reducing environmental impact

To even further reduce the environmental impacts arising from our processes.

The proper application of technologies

To ensure the proper application of the technologies we use and, where possible, strive to improve those technologies or adopt technologies that are more advanced from the points of view of the environment and safety.

Implementing regulations

To assign all managers, supervisors and workers the primary responsibility of implementing environmental regulations and regulations governing health and safety in the workplace.

A culture of safety

To ensure the involvement, participation and joint responsibility of all personnel, in order that they fully share the company objectives and in order to develop a culture geared towards prevention and towards maintaining safe working conditions.

Training and information

To ensure that all personnel receive suitable information and training regarding workplace and environmental safety.

Selecting suppliers

To select and encourage the development of suppliers and contractors based on the principles of this policy and to require them maintain conduct consistent with it.


To develop and refine safety plans that contain the measures and procedures necessary to prevent accidents or emergencies and to limit their effects.

Open to debate

To foster an open and constructive attitude towards the public, consumers, public authorities and other stakeholders.

Technical Support.

Our consistent commitment to quality control and research is essential to the efficiency of our organisation and underpins Tecnofar's continuing excellence.

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