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Discover the clean room at Delebio

When talking about high-tech products we do not realise how much special care is required in the areas where they are produced. The microelectronics and semiconductor industries were the first to set standards for the CLEAN ROOM.

The CLEAN ROOM is usually a very large space that contains precision machinery which needs a sterile environment and a controlled atmosphere in order to prevent the final product getting spoiled: that is, a control on the atmospheric pressure, air humidity and particle pollution. If these three values do not meet the required standards, the finished product will be unusable.
To achieve a suitable environment, forced air recycling is used which sucks the air back in and circulates it through various HEPA filters.
Paradoxically a CLEAN ROOM has higher air purity than an operating theatre and to keep it unchanged, workers must wear sterile gowns, shoe covers, hair coverings and masks.

In order to obtain the highest quality products, TECNOFAR has decided to build a clean room of over six hundred square metres at its headquarters in Delebio.
Here the needles for dental use that we will talk about in the next article are assembled.

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