TecnofarNeedles What is the reason for the arrow printed on the needles
Black arrow printed on needle

What is the reason for the arrow printed on the needles

Last time, we told you about the CLEAN ROOM of over six hundred square meters that TECNOFAR has built at its headquarters in Delebio.

An area with a controlled atmosphere required for precision production. SIRIO needles for dental use are assembled in this room: two robotic machines, developed internally by the Valtellina company, with their many sensors, control the production step by step and verify that the standards of quality and precision remain constant. Other automated machines then pack the needles before transfering them to be sterilised.

A further detail characterises the SIRIO needles: a small black arrow printed on the plastic base of the needle, which indicates the exit direction of the anaesthetic, makes it clearer and easier to use.
This may seem an irrelevant detail, but it was made after consultation with experts in the field and is a further demonstration of TECNOFAR’s attention to detail for each of its products.

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