Tecnofarapplications Tecnofar stainless steel tube for the thermocouple
Stainless steel tubes for the thermocouple

Tecnofar stainless steel tube for the thermocouple

As we saw in the last article, the Tecnofar capacity to produce high quality stainless steel tubes and its flexibility to satisfy the request of each client, have made it an ideal partner for high precision machinery manufacturers.

If these products can be used in surgery inside endoscopes and laparoscopes, in engineering, tubes produced by the Valtellinese company can be found also inside a very useful tool equipped with a fast and accurate temperature detection system.  


Stainless steel tube for thermocouple

Stainless steel tube for thermocouple

We refer to thermocouple, a device which belongs to the group of transducers, consisting of two different metal wires –conductors-. If they are joined together, they form a circuit. Thanks to current passing through the circuit, the thermocouple, taking advantage of Seebeck effect, can quickly measure an object’s temperature from -200° to 1600 degrees Celsius. This tool is mostly used inside thermostats, boilers, food thermometers and sensors for machine diagnostics.

As it is a precision tool, used also in engineering and for scientific experiments too, its components need to be of extremely high quality and able to withstand sudden changes in current and temperature. 


Stainless steel

Stainless steel tubes

Stainless steel tubes

It is not irrelevant that stainless steel was chosen to produce Tecnofar tubes. Indeed, the raw material defines a great amount of finished product performances. This is the reason why Tecnofar carefully chooses the best steel plants and it is a member of the Centro Inox, an association composed by the main manufactures of stainless steel in Italy.

The company from Delebio conducts many tests in order to guarantee the quality and resistance of its products and it can run further tests on customer request. 

Available services do not include only the purchase, but they continue also after, offering a high level of assistance.

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