Testing and checks

All the guaranteed checks our tubes undergo

Chemical analysis of materials

All of our metallic alloys have their paperwork inspected in addition to being tested using an XRF analyser

Eddy-current testing

Both on and off the production line, using a complete circular coil

Pressure testing of seal

From 8 bar to 200 bar, for tubes in coil form. From 5 bar to 100 bar, for bar tubes.

In-line laser inspection

Check of the outer diameter

Traction testing

At ambient temperature

Burst testing

In compliance with specific customer requests

Hardness testing

Vickers microhardness testing

Roughness testing

In compliance with applicable standards


Analysis of the metallographic structure of the materials and structural characterisation of the various phases of the production process

Mechanical testing

In compliance with standard 10217/7 or other sector standards

Flattening test

In compliance with standard EN ISO 8492

Ring-expanding test

In compliance with standard EN ISO 8495

Drift-expanding test

In compliance with standard EN ISO 8493

Flanging test

In compliance with standard EN ISO 8494

Bend test (on the weld seam)

In compliance with standard EN ISO 8491

Technical Support.

Our consistent commitment to quality control and research is essential to the efficiency of our organisation and underpins Tecnofar's continuing excellence.

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